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Apr 5, 2017

Ms. Smith is a former government official with great insight into the current debate. Expelling bad ‘hombres,’ building border walls and slashing trade deals, President Trump continues to assert a more nationalist and protectionist “America-First” posture. The President has promised to add millions of jobs to the US economy and to raise the gross domestic product by more than 4 percent annually largely through renegotiating existing trade agreements like NAFTA. At the same time, the President has vowed to deport up to 3 million undocumented immigrants and to curtail future entries.

Immigration reform remains a cornerstone of Trump’s efforts to reboot America’s standing. After Trump’s proposed travel ban was blocked again by the courts, what are the dynamics on the other side of the President’s immigration overhaul, which targets migrants from Latin America? What about… 

*Beyond the rhetoric, what are the possible economic impacts of a policy of mass deportation?

*How will the “America-First” agenda reshape U.S. relations in Latin America? And, why will it matter?

*What are the politics, logistics and legality of Trump’s new deportation plans?

*Taken together with the travel ban, what are the national security implications of Trump’s immigration agenda?