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May 7, 2012 presents:

"Ranting" Andy Hoffman was with us today to review the ever declining and disintegrating world economy and to offer us his weekly insight into the precious metals markets. While gold and silver prices have been under repeated attack, Spain, Portugal and Italy have become complete basket-cases. Add to that, the election of a socialist government over the weekend in France, declining support for Merkel in Germany, and Conservative Party losses in England, and you have the prescription for a hyper-inflationary bust. In Greece, the major parties only received 35 percent of the vote, with the majority being split between minor party candidates with off the wall agenda. All things considered, Andy was less than a breath of fresh air. Andy is never one to sugar coat the truth, especially now, when the pace of the decline is starting to speed up, which leaves only gold and silver for those seeking to protect their wealth. 

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