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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Nov 8, 2022

Looking for a breath of fresh air outside the corporate world? A startup company or small business environment might just be exactly what you need. I have Adam Tank on the show to undertake this topic, and he points out some of the benefits of this transition, which he made in his own career. After working in the corporate world, Adam made the decision to bet on himself and hasn’t looked back. He encourages people to create a product or service that lends itself to the skills they already have, and to target the more resilient/essential industries.

-When you look at what’s happening in real estate and the markets in general, it’s a bit disappointing. Perhaps you need to become a startup junkie
-Adam used to work in the corporate world. His primary goal was to get paid every two weeks and earn benefits, and rely on big companies rather than himself
-He wishes that he would have bet on himself a lot sooner. There is a lot of risk management that happens when you bet on yourself
-We’re now seeing massive rounds of layoffs within tech companies
-Create a product or service that lends itself to the skills that you already have as a creator
-Look at industries that are resilient (i.e. water, power, etc.)
-Is college still worth it?
-Go out and do things; rather than just absorbing information, involve yourself in projects and gain real world experience
-Adam wishes he would have transitioned to the small business environment or started his own business sooner
-The best time to be greedy is now; its’s buying/investment season
-We’re probably going to see a lot of new startups cropping up in the next year

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