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May 29, 2012 presents:

Debt elimination and repudiation is the only way the existing world's economic disaster can end. The world's central banks will not be able to print enough currency units to keep all of the losing enterprises afloat. Unfortunately, sacrifices will have to be made by all of the parties concerned, not just those least able to afford it. The too-small-to-save individuals and businesses have been left out of the bailout party, and they have suffered greatly during the current credit bust. Now, Spain, Italy and the rest of the economic basket-cases are approaching the moment when bailing them out will not be possible. Danielle Park believes cooler heads will prevail and accommodations will be made accordingly. FSN would like to believe that sanity will rule, but after four years of complete economic insanity, it's hard to accept. What's your opinion? Please let us know.

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