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Oct 11, 2021

Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history, or is there more to come? I sit down with Avi Gilburt to discuss the correction as well as inflationary circumstances that have created a lot of economic speculation. We also talk about energy, which has had great returns, but is not necessarily indicative of the economic state. Tune in to hear more valuable insight on the economy and all of its happenings.

-Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history? Or is there more to come? And what’s happening with inflation?
-We have hit the minimum target with the correction
-If the market doesn’t pull back correctively from the next high, this is going to put us back on track to looking at one more test before we try again
-A lot of this is speculation, and getting an edge
-Energy has had great returns
-We’re expecting more rally within energy
-The big energy issue lately has been natgas
-Some people think higher oil is indicative of the economy doing well, and others think the opposite
-The economy follows the market
-The stock market seems to have always been the leading indicator of the economy
-Inflation isn’t what everyone is making it out to be
-Prices are going up in certain aspects, but the purely economic definition of inflation says that all prices should be going up
-We have a large increase in the money supply, but no velocity of money
-We still have price displacement
-Disappointed with the action of gold
-The IWM is setting up to outperform again
-The dollar is going to be getting more of a rally

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