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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 22, 2022

Wondering how to make a fortune on Wall Street? Guest Roger Khoury joins us for this episode to give us tips and tricks to make smart investments from an analytic perspective. It’s important to be consistent, and to understand what drives the market. It is ultimately the relationship between demand and price that dictates the future of the markets, and an awareness of this correlation can help you make more calculated investments. Be sure to listen in for more expert insight on how to navigate the markets in the current economic circumstances.

-Trading and investing are risky, but Roger Khoury has a number of tips that can help you make a fortune on Wall Street

-The key is to be consistent; this is what helps you grow an account
-You need to understand what drives the market; ultimately, demand causes prices to rise and fall
-There are eight major forces of supply and demand affecting prices
-The market can’t be manipulated past a certain level
-If you know where demand is in real time, you can usually determine where price is going next
-You need to look for significant imbalances between price and demand
-The process is what delivers the results

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