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Oct 25, 2022

If given the choice, why wouldn’t you reduce the risk of your home getting broken into? Thankfully, you DO have the choice, and Robert Siciliano comes on the show to talk about how this type of risk reduction is massively underutilized. We live in a society where people are preoccupied with information security measures, and yet, these same people neglect to install security systems in their own homes. These extra measures are not synonymous with paranoia; rather, they instill preparation for the criminal activity that can occur anywhere—no matter how safe you perceive your neighborhood to be. Tune in to hear more about why home security is especially important now, and to learn about how you can start taking extra measures.

-We’re in a post-pandemic inflationary environment. How do you survive and thrive in this world?
-Lots of people are resorting to violence and theft. Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen increases in substance abuse, domestic violence, and more division than we’ve ever seen
-There has been an increase in crime all across the board
-Taking extra security measures is especially important right now
-Security begins with the person; you need to understand personal security practices
-15-20 million homes are going to be burglarized in the next decade
-Most people don’t have a home security system because they believe they live in a “safe neighborhood.” Safe is an absolute; there is no such thing as a 100% safe neighborhood
-Crime may be less frequent in certain locations, but it still occurs
-People often perceive those that engage in extra security practices as paranoid
-Most people are in denial about the level of risk they expose themselves to
-It’s crucial to understand your risk and put various levels of security in place. When you do this, you are a much more difficult target
-We know that the “it can’t happen to me” mentality is unrealistic, and this is why we take precautions in everyday life (i.e. putting on a seatbelt in a motor vehicle)
-The people that are preoccupied with information security are the same individuals that don’t have home security systems
-If you could cut your odds of being burglarized, why wouldn’t you?
-Security is ongoing, and it is a process you need to be engaged in
-As humans, we trust by default, and this trust is necessary for our society to function. But it is important to recognize risk

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