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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 27, 2023

In a meeting between Rick Rule and Kerry Lutz, they discussed the resource sector and the upcoming  Rick Rule Symposium -- Natural Resource Investing. Rick noted that the market is bifurcating into two junior markets, with one market being populated mostly by the lame and the blind. He also predicted that the conventional energy sector will do well absent a real recession, and that the largest demand for coal was in 2022. They also discussed the global energy crisis and the need for more electricity, particularly in developing countries, and the importance of battery metals, such as lithium, in the transition to cleaner energy.

The conversation also touched on the complexities of government investment and permitting in the United States, particularly in the areas of electrification and battery metals. They explored the government's promises to invest in these areas, but also the challenges of obtaining exploration and operating permits. Additionally, they discussed the current state of the gold equity markets and how a bear market is like a sale. They emphasized the importance of attending the upcoming conference, which offers a range of speakers, living legends, and exhibitors who have built multi-billion dollar companies, and can be attended virtually or in person with access to conference recordings for six months.

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