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Apr 16, 2012 presents

Rick Ackerman is a technical analyst par excellent. His hidden pivot system has been right so many times that FSN reviews his work regularly to assess upcoming trends. Right now, he’s seeing another uptrend in the dollar and more bad news for Europe. The ECB blew through $1 trillion in a very short time and at this rate what can they do next? The bond markets are being “stage-managed” by the Fed and the ECB to try to create the appearance of normalcy. But these markets are far from normal! There’s a lot of dark storm clouds on the horizon. So watch out!

Are you wondering how long these markets can continue on their merry way to higher highs and higher lows? While the long term trend may be obvious to most, it’s in the short term where you lose the money-- as in right now! Rick Ackerman’s short term calls over the past year have been uncanny. He’ll let you know where he thinks the dollar and the Euro are heading now.

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