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Rich Scheben grew up in the New York metropolitan area. With degrees in Forestry, Business Administration, and Marketing he lived the part of the New York businessman and night-life denizen. Rich had a second life which he spent in the world of the outdoors; reveling in the sport of fishing and hunting, seeking to be as far away from mainstream city life as possible. 

At age 26 he realized his dream of moving to the wilds of Montana to hunt, fish, and live off of the land. He's been living there for 27 years and has been off-grid for over 6 years.  Rich and Karen now live without  traditional  running water, flushing toilets, interior pipes, water heater, pressure tank, freezer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, T.V. and most modern conveniences. They heat their cabin with an Amish wood cook stove; their only source of heat.  They hunt, fish, and grow produce for food.  They raise their own animals and harvest edible and medicinal plants. 

He's not recommending it for everyone, but merely advocates that you become more self-sufficient. 

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