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May 12, 2023

We sat down with Regenx Tech’s (🇺🇸RGXTF -- 🇨🇦RGX) CEO Greg Pendura and USA Division President Rick Purdy for a sponsor update. They are moving quickly towards a production start at their flagship Tennessee plant. Their proprietary process which takes discarded diesel catalytic converters and extracts platinum, palladium and rhodium was proven out in their pilot plant and is well on its way to commercial production. Once operational, it will recover up to 3000 grams per ton of plat/pal. With an expected processing rate of 2.5 tons per day, the numbers quickly add up. They will be printing money.

Their close relationship with industry leader Davis Recycling assures that they will have a near inexhaustible feedstock supply. They’re already planning for three additional modules at the site. Capex will be lower than the initial module and costs will also be less as economies of scale kick in. The process is being continually refined and recoveries are expected to increase to well over 90%.

Currently 6 people are working at the plant. Once it’s fully operational that number will increase to 15. The company has received a highly positive reception from state and local authorities. Everyone is firmly committed to reducing hazardous materials that find their way into increasingly scarce landfills.

Once the system is in place, it is easily scalable and replicatable. Pendura foresees a global network of plants all churning out consistent profits. The benefits of reducing toxic discharges into landfills will be meaningful; which is why we’re shareholders.

Company website: https://Regenx.Tech