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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 27, 2021

On this episode of FSN, I catch up with Chris Vermeulen on what’s happening with the metals, as well as other sectors subject to the effects of inflation and market trends. The metals have been struggling for the last year, and when you look at the miners, they’re starting to break to new highs. We’re looking for a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher to indicate that the sector is about to take off. Tune in for more information and predictions from myself and Vermeulen.

-Chris Vermeulen tells us what’s going on with metals
-The metals have been struggling for the last year
-When you look at the miners, they’re starting to break to new highs
-It’s frustrating to see the back and forth trend, but the miners are starting to show a bit of strength
-The market is at a nice run, and we may see a pull-back for a week or two
-Gold miners are bottoming from a technical standpoint
-Gold miners and precious metals could be shining by the end of the year
-Key indicators of the sector about to take off will be a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher
-During the pause, more money will pour into these sectors
-They haven’t committed to the turnaround yet—we need to see higher prices
-We just saw a year-long consolidation, so it just has to turn the corner
-Oil, energy, and natgas do not seem like they’re going to pull back at all
-Energy stocks have been leading the way higher, and this is a good sign
-FPL is getting a 3-4% increase—pretty much all of it is natgas
-Power generation has a lot of fixed costs, and doesn’t instantly correlate with higher electric prices—but they it eventually drive electric prices higher
-People are relying on Florida as a port—which seems to be at capacity
-This is an interesting time for investors and the stock market
-Transportation is leading the way
-The small cap sector is trading sideways in a tight range
-The stock market is probably starting a major run towards the upside
-We need to see if the Russell is going to break out—which could lead to a euphoric phase in the stock market
-Due to inflation, commodities are on fire and everything is up
-Real estate is on fire, but real estate agents are doing too well—there are a surplus of agents with a lack of people looking to sell homes
-Is this going to lead to prosperity? After every good rally, we see a pause or a rough patch
-The Russell 2000 has a really strong looking chart—it has a lot of upside
-This year has been dormant in terms of sectors
-Tech sectors are probably going to lead the way

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