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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 24, 2019

RC Peck observes that when Wells Fargo earnings beat expectations, the shares rose. Wells Fargo reported better-than-expected quarterly results on Friday, sending the stock higher in the premarket. The company’s results compared to Wall Street’s expectations: Earnings: $1.20 per share vs $1.09 per share expected by Refinity. Peck has been Chief Investment Officer at "Fearless Wealth Corp" for twenty years. He has challenged traditional investment ideas like the 60/40 split, diversification and rebalancing. What he noticed was an investor only needed to know two things. And making decisions based on those two things was a more accurate approach than having someone look at their age and self described risk tolerance.

His firm has specialized in avoiding the large 50% stock market corrections over the past 20 years, while making sure to be fully allocated to the stock market in the long secular uptrends. He noticed a change in asset pricing, which allowed him to foresee and avoid the 2000 Dot Com Crash and the 2008 Global Financial Crises.

Peck’s professional life is driven by one event when he was 19. In 1989, his parents had their life savings embezzled by their trusted and liked Financial Advisor. His dad was 50 and his mom 47. Scary times. His parent’s investment strategy up to that point could be called, “I trust and like my investment advisor.” Peck's mission has been to help others avoid a similiar fate.