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Jun 11, 2012 presents:

Another Monday, another session with "Ranting" Andy Hoffman. The so-called Spanish Bank Bailout is purely illusionary and isn't really happening. Rather, it is an effort to convince the people of the world that something is being done and that the situation is under control. In reality, the world economy is being ravaged like a California forest by a wild fire. They're pouring all the water they can to put the fire out, but there's not enough water in the world to bring it under control. The fire must run its course, and the best we can hope for is that once the forest has been burned to the ground, we can try to stop it from reigniting.

On the subject of ETF's and whether they're really holding all the gold they claim to, the Funds have been caught flat-footed with the disclosure that the gold bar held up by CNBC reporter Bob Pisani, during his visit to the GLD vault at an undisclosed location, was actually owned by another ETF, unrelated to GLD. That's why there's no substitute for physical gold and silver. Watch the weight, not the price.  

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