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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 20, 2012

We sat down with the ever ubiquitous "Ranting" Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin today. While alot of you have been worrying about Uncle Sam grabbing your gold, as always, Andy has his eye on the bigger picture. As usual, there's something rotten in the Middle East, and we're not talking about a food storage issue. Rather, the pressure on Iran has been ratcheted up. They were effectively removed from the international financial grid due to their forced removal from SWIFT, which is the backbone of the international electronic funds transfer system.

Now we will find out how supportive their allies Russia and China really are. While no one favors an out and out war, and while the US seems to be marching ahead, Andy thinks there's lots of challenges ahead that could derail the country and the World. Exploding oil prices, rapidly rising gold and silver prices, and commodities through the roof to name a few. Are you ready for next chapter in the ceaseless world-wide economic collapse?

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