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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 26, 2022

Is inflation going to continue, and what effect does this have on your retirement? Retirement expert Nathan Cox comes on the show to talk about how to adjust your strategy for investing/retirement in light of what we’re experiencing in the current economy. Indications of a recession mean that we must re-think our investments, which includes being more selective and making sure that your income is generated naturally. Tune in to this episode to hear Nathan’s advice on setting yourself up for success.

-Inflation was running a bit over expectations and came out around 9.1%
-What we do largely depends on what the Fed decides to do in response to inflation
-They can increase interest rates, but they don’t have any control over the supply chain issue
-People remember the 2008 recession, which was an immediate effect
-Our current situation is progressing much more slowly
-Unemployment is the lagging indicator
-We could be in the recessionary position very quickly, and by the formal definition of recession we are technically already there
-The Fed is probably going to have to continue raising rates through 2023 rather than raising and then backing off
-Supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine are making things more complex
-The majority of Americans were relying on things like the 401k, but it’s smart to be more selective with your investment strategy—focusing on quality and dividends
-What investments are more protected from inflation? Make sure your income is being generated naturally; don’t exclusively rely on growth and capital appreciation

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