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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 1, 2022

As we start to think about tax planning, it’s important to plan for asset protection. How do you hold on to your wealth and establish protection? Clint Coons comes on the show to talk about how you can position your assets so that, in the event of a lawsuit, you won’t lose everything. Clint explains how you can use structures and trusts to keep your name hidden from the assets that you own if a creditor runs a search on you. Tune in for more insight and tips from Clint.


-There are lots of attorneys out there, and they bring in revenue by picking up clients with peculiar cases
-Many of Clint’s clients have faced shakedown losses
-Clint shows investors how to position their assets so that, if they get sued, they don’t lose everything.
-If someone is going to come after you
-People are typically focused on high value targets, which are people that have assets
-If someone runs an asset search on you, it’s good to make sure that nothing found puts you at higher risk. You can set up structures and trusts to do this, and to make sure that your structure isn’t attached to your name. Discover what a creditor can see, and take steps to remove your personal information from that database
-When you convert real property to personal property, you no longer have a homestay
-Trust planning makes a lot of sense for privacy and personal protection

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