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May 23, 2022

Markets have been unstable for the last couple of months; is it going to improve or get worse, and can you still profit from the market? David Jaffee comes on the show to dive into this probing topic, and we discuss some of the most profitable methods for investing at the current moment. Ultimately, it’s crucial to be defensive in managing stocks at this point in time. Tune in for useful knowledge and tips from David.


-We can take advantage of some stocks that are down, and now is the time to be defensive
-For those who have been disciplined, it’s worthwhile to rotate to more defensive minded stocks
-It’s important to consider the alternative asset classes that are going to appreciate
-You don’t necessarily have to by shares; you can sell puts
-Tesla is great when the market is in a bull trend
-The overall new car market has been declining
-It’s better to rotate into companies that are more defensive in nature
-We talk about some of the crucial transformational acquisitions (i.e. Google purchasing YouTube)
-Every business has to cut costs consistently, and now, tools are going to emerge even faster

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