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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 26, 2023

Kerry Lutz and Taylor Loht discussed the benefits of investing in real estate over stocks and bonds. They highlighted the importance of cash flow and an abundance mindset for success in real estate, as well as the challenges of dealing with misbehavior in the industry. They also emphasized the importance of networking and building relationships to find deals in the commercial real estate space. Taylor shared his successful investment strategy of investing in scarce assets with high demand, such as self-storage properties, and discussed the potential of investing in mobile home parks.

Kerry and Taylor delved into the details of investing in self-storage properties, discussing the demand drivers and risks involved. They emphasized the importance of market analysis and careful consideration of risks, as well as the obstacles involved in getting approvals from municipalities. They also highlighted the benefits of investing in self-storage properties, including the low management required and diverse demand base.

The conversation ended with Taylor explaining his passive wealth strategy and the importance of seeking knowledge from those who know more. Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights into the mindset and strategies required for success in real estate investing.

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