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Apr 11, 2022

Disruptive technologies are pervading industries of all kinds—one of the latest being pharmaceuticals. I sit down and chat with the CEO of NowRx to discuss how he and his company are revolutionizing pharmacies, making getting a prescription an easier, secure, and efficient process. Utilizing micro-fallfilment centers that house technology built for optimizing pharmacy processing, NowRx is able to save money on retail space and deliver medications to patients the same day orders are placed—typically within a few hours. Listen in to hear more about the innovations taking place in pharmaceuticals, and to learn about how you can invest in NowRx.

Disruptive technologies are taking place in many industries—automobiles, the taxing industries, etc.
-Now, these technologies are coming to the pharmaceutical world
-Breese’s company uses micro-fulfillment centers to house technology that is built for optimizing pharmaceutical processing
-Saving money on retail space, they can afford to deliver medications to patients the same day orders are placed—usually within a few hours
-They are using technology and optimization to revolutionize pharmacies
-The current pharmacy industry is suffering from misalignment
-NowRX hopes to be publicly traded one day, and is growing by about 60% year to year in terms of revenue
-They manage everything from the point the Rx is sent in to when the prescription reaches the patient
-Most pharmacy systems don’t take advantage of their communication software
-NowRx goes further in terms of communication follow-up, and they give doctors real time statuses of every medication as well
-Patients get live updates when their prescription is in the process of being delivered

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