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Oct 10, 2022

Real estate is the big question on everyone’s mind: can you stay in real estate or should you sell? I have real estate expert Naresh Vissa on this episode to talk about this, and we are facing precarious market conditions. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eye on real estate over the next few months. Naresh advises investors to wait until interest rates peak, and look into possibly getting in the market around December/January. Tune in for more advice on navigating the current real estate market.

-How do you make money with 7% 30 year fixed rate mortgages?
-Unless you’re working in the space, you probably don’t fully understand the real estate market
-Home values are going down
-We’re seeing a 1% decrease per month on home values
-The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates; it looks as if they’re trying to change course and do a soft landing
-It’s not a bad idea to wait another 2-3 months as interest rates peak and then get in around December/January
-Look at where declines have been, which places are offering discounts, etc.
-As you have fewer buyers, rent prices are continuing to climb

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