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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Mar 19, 2012

"Ranting" Andy joined us for his Monday recap. Both he and I agree that something very bad is on the horizon. Even if the Israeli Cabinet hadn't voted in favor of war with Iran, even if gas prices weren't going nuts, something terrible is imminent. The chart for government debt spending is starting to look ominous as well. So don't worry about paper assets, focus on accumulating the kind of physical assets that you can keep close in times of chaos. This is the only way to actually protect and perhaps increase your wealth.

Remember, what's taking place in the financial markets today is largely a result of government intervention. While Apple Computer today announced a large dividend and stock buyback program, it can't hide the fundamental weaknesses in the US and World Economies. Things are not improving as the government would like you to believe, but rather conditions continue to deteriorate at an increasing rate. So even though gold and silver have taken their share of hits recently, their prices continue to hold up well under pressure. 

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