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Aug 4, 2021

Robert Stevens and I discuss the mining industry, and set out to address some of the challenges and changes within the field in today’s podcast. The mining industry is experiencing quite a boom, and the demand for metals only increases and will continue to do so in the following years. This is especially significant in consideration of transitioning to a more electrified economy. 


Robert talks about how he got into geology, and the underlying entrepreneurialism in the field that sheds light on the scope of the industry. It is imperative to look at the bigger picture in mining to account for each facet. Mining is essentially the ultimate treasure hunt and mastery of the earth’s resources, but it requires that we understand what it means to bring mines online. 

Robert offers valuable insight into the implications of drilling, and the necessity to create a working understanding of why we drill, because results are affected by these reasons. Finally, we get into how mining is a different industry today than it was historically. We can now recover metals in greater quantities and processing methods operate with increased efficiency. 

The regulatory requirements in place that allow for more environmental preservation contribute to these shifts in mining practices, which need to be acknowledged by regulators and governments. Anyone interested in exploring this topic more can check out Robert’s book, Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials, and participate in his online courses that provide an overview of the industry. 

Links and Resources

Online courses -

-Pre-recorded online courses as well as a live one taking place September 28th-30th (12 hrs) that provides an overview of the industry

Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials by Robert Stevens