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Oct 1, 2018

Major US stock markets were up again with DJIA up 0.7%, S&P 0.4, NASDAQ down 0.8% and Russell 2000 off 2.5% both off last month's record levels. Emerging markets were down again 0.6%. TSX down 1.2% and TSX-V down 2.2% due to week gold prices. Bitcoin the always volatile digital currency was off 7% last month. Gold was down another 0.7% and Silver was up 1.1% but broke $14 during the month. Pt up 3.7% and Pd was up 9.7% to near record highs. Copper was up another 3.5%. Energy gained big for the month, with WTI up 5.2% and Brent up 6.8%. Natgas broke $3 with a 3.0% gain. Uranium continues its rebound with a 4.0% gain and is up 28% for the past six months. Currencies saw the Greenback rise .1% and the Euro up .1% for the month. Rate on the 10 year T Bond blew past 3% to a 3.05% yield. Till next month!