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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 16, 2021

What’s happening in the markets, and should we be scared? It’s important to have an analytical perspective when it comes to analyzing the market, and Michael Moor comes on the show today to help us attain this point of view. He and I talk gas, oil, the metals, and Bitcoin from a data standpoint to break down what is happening in the changing market, and how we can assess these shifts from a data standpoint.

-What’s happening in the markets? Should we be scared? We need to take an analytical approach
-Are we looking at $10-$12 NatGas? Can we go that high? Moor says that we’re wide open—it can pretty much go anywhere
-We are still seeing a 50% discount of gas to oil
-$56/barrel could be seen in five months
-Moor analyzes market movements and data, but Moor notes the inflation in the housing market and supply chain
-Everything is pointing to increased inflationary expectations
-What markets are the most promising? Moor thinks that crude oil and energies have a lot of upside
-Bitcoin also is looking positive—it’s all pretty green
-Gold is headed higher—we’re seeing some of its strength coming in right now
-We used to look at crude oil as an indicator of inflation, but NatGas has taken over

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