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Oct 13, 2022

Can a career in production yield a successful real estate investing career? In Matt Picheny’s case, it absolutely can. Matt moved to NYC years ago to pursue acting, and then found himself in a digital marketing career that eventually transitioned to real estate. He has discovered the importance of persistence in each of his career paths—especially real estate investing—and emphasizes the significance of fostering good relationships. Tune in to hear Matt Picheny’s unique perspective about investing in real estate, and to hear tips on how anyone can get involved.

-How did this skill set Matt up for being a real estate investor? A number of events/skills let to Matt becoming a real estate investor
-He moved to NYC and was a professional actor for 5 years. For 18 years, he had a digital marketing career and then transitioned to real estate
-Persistence has allowed him to succeed, and this skill always prevails in the long run
-Success is a rollercoaster
-Everything is life and business is about relationships, so it is important to develop these
-As things become more digital, how do you bridge this divide? How do you allow technology to help you rather than block you from creating new relationships?
-Use technology to foster relationships
-You can facilitate deals without putting down money
-One suggestion for someone wanting to get in the business is education: get in a classroom, read books, or listen to podcasts
-It’s also important to take action. Don’t fall into paralysis analysis
-Fear of the future is often worse than the future itself

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