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Dec 15, 2022

Looking for your next investment opportunity? Whether you live within or outside Canada, there is a Canadian based investment opportunity with high potential for profit, and Matthew Ablakan comes on the show to inform us about it. Matthew exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit growing up, and bought his first pre-construction property at just 19 years old. This launched him into a full time career as an entrepreneur, and he created the Millennial’s Choice Group to assist clients with real estate, mortgages, insurance, and education. Although interest rates are rising in the U.S. and Canada, Matthew highlights the profitability of investing in pre-construction properties in Ontario, especially given that interest can be written off. Listen in to hear more about the business that Matthew has built, and to learn how he is generating cash flow from every unit.

-There is a deal available for Americans looking to invest in a Canadian product that has high potential for profit
-Matthew was very entrepreneurial as a teenager. He attended university to study law, and bought his first pre-construction condo at 19 years old
-Matthew recommends a backwards approach, bringing an education-based strategy to sales
-US interest rates and Canadian interest rates are going up. Will this impact sales? With the way that the tax structure is set up, you write off your interest as an investor.
-In Ontario, a lot of land is under the conservation authority—meaning it cannot be developed.
-The cost of construction keeps rising, and Ontario has invested millions of dollars towards new trades, and will be welcoming more immigrants in the next few years. Big developers are holding out to launch projects. This still limits supply, and it’s best to position yourself now
-All of Matthews expenses are being paid, and he is still generating cash flow from every unit

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