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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 27, 2021

Todd has been short gold as a trader, but he owns the physical which he never intends to sells. Gold appears to have hit a bottom in the 1600’s. Now Todd’s model has issued a sell recommendation. I could very well be setting up for a major move. Copper and palladium have been heading way higher. New money is on the way into these markets. Platinum is a tremendous opportunity. Platinum 2-1 over gold. Todd says it’s on sale and is a value play. Platinum is a thin market with great opportunities. Don’t the bet the ranch on Platinum or anything else. 

Crypto’s are definitely worth investing in long term. Bitcoin hit $65k and could be going down. There’s going to be big moves that aren’t all that liquid. Liquidity can be limited. Coinbase could create additional liquidity. But there’s still going to be major volatility. There’s going to be wild swings. What is the ideal allocation? It could be the greatest thing ever, but it could blow up, but Todd won’t lose any sleep over it.