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Oct 24, 2022

The inflationary genie is out of the bottle…will we ever be able to get it back in? Here to weigh in on this is Mark Skousen, infamous economist and producer of FreedomFest. In regard to inflation, we are seeing some of the expected effects based on past inflationary periods, but some unexpected conditions for the dollar and gold. It is becoming more clear that, while our current circumstances resemble the 1970s, things are different this time around. We also discuss the global implications of the dollar, and look to the future of digital currency as our other currencies become increasingly unstable. Tune in for more insight from Mark.

-Inflation and interest rates are never neutral; they affect certain sectors more than others
-The Fed’s hands are full, and we are in a time of instability
-A recession in the stock market was inevitable
-Inflation is not going away any time soon, but it will go down as the Fed tightens. Money supply growth is also down to 5-6% a year
-The Fed is serious about fighting inflation
-In the 70s, the dollar was weak and gold was going through the roof. We are currently seeing the opposite of this situation
-This is having global effects; everything is priced in dollars
-With high inflation, you would think that gold would be higher
-Supply chains have been disrupted
-There has been a slowdown in China, and real estate has been in turmoil as well. People are refusing to pay mortgages
-They are also experiencing a population growth collapse
-It’s easier to call a top in Bitcoin because they are obvious. The bottoms, on the other hand, are more sublime
-It still doesn’t fall into the definition of a currency
-They need to eliminate the tax disadvantages tied to digital currency transactions

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