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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 8, 2021

The markets have hit some rough patches today, but this is ultimately inevitable. I sit down and speak with ___ to discuss these issues as well as how we can address them in a realistic and efficient manner. The economy moves in cycles and it’s important to be cautiously optimistic. If you can maximize opportunities no matter what position you are in, then you will see a great payoff. We are all in the same boat in terms of predicting what the economy is going to do, and it’s important to keep a well-informed, level perspective.

-The markets have hit a couple of rough patches lately—is this the start of the long-awaited correction?
-When markets go one way for too long, they reverse eventually
-The economy moves in cycles, and we are cautiously optimistic—which is normal when you’re investing
-It’s about maximizing opportunities in whatever position you’re in
-People have been generally rewarded for taking more risks in the market and being more aggressive, even though there have been pullbacks
-No one has a crystal ball, and we have to read the signs as best as we can
-The system will never be perfectly efficient; there’s no singular algorithm
-It’s never all on or all off. You need to find the balance based on what’s going on
-The key to taking advantage of volatility is having more capital to put down on the market
-It’s hard to get in at the bottom, and it’s hard to get out at the top
-Measuring success in the distribution phase is subjective. You must ask yourself if you’re reaching your specific goals—it’s going to be different for everyone
-You need to continually update your plans

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