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Sep 10, 2022

We were very pleased to get a sponsor update from Torq Resources' CEO/Chair Shawn Wallace and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen. A lot of news has been coming out of Chile and Torq.

First we covered the recent Chilean constitutional referendum, which was defeated by a large voter margin. CEO Wallace was never too concerned as the media’s perception didn’t reflect Torq’s experience there on the ground.

Next we discussed Gold Fields’ (NYSE: GFI) recent C$15 million dollar investment in Torq (at a 23% premium to market) which marks a major milestone. Gold Fields is a major 1+ million ounce annual producer and has been conducting a very aggressive investment and acquisition strategy to keep its reserves stable. As a result, Torq is now better funded than many of its peers; its projects are progressing very quickly.

Chief Geologist Hernichsen gave us an overview of the recent the Margarita project discovery. As a veteran of numerous discoveries, he still loves the thrill of a new major discovery. The grades were extremely high with 90 meters of .94% copper and .84 g/t gold. Henrichsen was quite surprised by the gold component, as it was completely unexpected. And it could be just the tip of the iceberg, as more drilling may reveal even better results.

Flush with cash, drilling is continuing at a break-neck pace. Like everywhere in the world, assay lab results are trickling in. Both Wallace and Henrichsen acknowledged the contribution of their world-class Chilean team; it was instrumental in the find and the team is really hitting its stride.

Wallace mentioned that Torq is blessed with an “abundance of riches.” Most companies would be content with just one of these potential “company-maker”world-class projects, but Torq has two! Despite the negative macro economic outlook and geopolitical ills, things have never looked better. The copper supply situation is rapidly tightening and there’s a race to find new supplies. Torq’s unique and improved position means that its projects are expected to lead to large future shareholder gains.

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Ticker symbols OTCQX: TRBMF — TSX.V : TORQ