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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 5, 2021

The markets are taking a hit thanks in part to Treasury Secretary Yellen’s comments about rising rates. Crypto has been embraced by the younger generation as an inflation hedge. Now with the rise of Ethereum. Will it displace Bitcoin as the leading the crypto. Dogecoin is an indicator by the younger generation is looking at “defi” to diversify away from centralized financial control. What’s happening now is that people are doing transactions outside the exchange leading to a shortage on the exchanges. Ripple could be a good play too. It’s being used more around the globe. Used cars have are nearly unobtainable. 

A look at Tesla’s earnings. Buffet and Munger are from a lost generation, when “Made In America” really meant something. So they can judge all you want. Mish believes in risk management and doesn’t buy falling knives. What will happen in the market going forward, we could very well see a major correction. Amazon and Apple had great earnings and then market turned a deaf ear. Is it time to short? Hedge? Look to the VIX, it’s now heading higher. Will it continue? If so, Nasdaq could be the ideal short. Watch bonds as well.