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Sep 24, 2021

What should we make of what the Fed has said recently about tapering? There have been some ambiguous recent announcements and headlines, and ___ comes on the podcast to shed some light on this. They talked about possibly raising interest rates at the end of next year, and raises concerns in relation to gold. No decisions have been made yet, but tune in to hear some valuable insight and predictions.

-How can we interpret what the Fed has recently said about tapering?
-They talked about possibly raising interest rates at the end of next year
-The test for raising rates is much higher the test for tapering
-They may decide to change the tapering
-People are afraid of rates raising, which would affect gold negatively
-The transitory should be unwinding, but the pandemic has affected decisions
-Markets are going up as the economy worsens
-Sometimes, rising interest rates go hand in hand with rising gold prices
-High inflation is a sign of economic growth, but our current situation seems to exhibit otherwise
-The models economists use are not entirely connected to today’s reality
-Rapidly escalating energy prices put a damper on the world
-There could be a boom in oil prices
-Uranium keeps going up

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