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Aug 10, 2021

John and I discuss the way in which the layaway concept is re-inserting itself into buying procedures; time and time again, individuals are slaves to debt and seek out more methods of borrowing money. We touch upon gold and silver getting whacked due to banks feeling pressure about unemployment rates as well as what the markets will do. However, the stock market is not crashing--and the drop in gold and silver prices should not induce panic. Tune in today to hear about some of the latest phenomena in tech, debt, and investing, and stay for the entertaining South Park references.


-Concept of the layaway - ‘Layaway America’ - debt slaves don’t have enough ways to borrow

-We are becoming the layaway nation - everything that’s old is new again

-Gold and Silver take major decline

-Medically necessary creeping fascism

-Bitcoin is back up

-Tech companies have revived the idea of the layaway - making interest free payments until something is paid off

-Debt slaves don’t have enough ways to borrow


-It’s not a surprise that gold and silver are getting whacked - banks are feeling pressure about unemployment rates and what the markets will do

-The stock market is down a little bit today, but isn’t crashing; only gold and silver are struggling. This is opportunistic and should not cause panic

-There are far more jobs than unemployed people—something has to give

-COVID era benefits need to eventually go away

-We are experiencing accelerating inflation

-Baby boomers are retiring; it’s going to be expensive when the government starts paying for all our needs

-some people see cryptos as tech stocks and buy them when they’re optimistic, while some people buy them when they’re worried. This means that there is always a market for them

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