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Aug 8, 2022

The markets are at the mercy of the federal reserve right now. What do you do about it? Dudley Baker has been through many downturns and bull markets, and gives his take on the volatility in the markets. The mining sector has taken some hits, and many investors have endured losses because of this. Dudley is confident, however, that the mining sector will take off in the near future. This is not a sector where you can get in and out; rather, it’s going to require patience and a lot of focus on its movements. Tune in to hear more insight from Dudley.

-It’s important to have trusted individuals to look to as mentors during this time
-There are a lot of companies right now with stock warranties that are trading
-On a good day, the mining sector is terrible—there is no long term growth, and it is a cyclical environment
-There is no confidence that upside moves in mining will last
-Dudley is confident that the mining sector will take off at some point in the near future
-If you’re a trader trying to get in and out, the mining sector is probably not for you
-The one year chart is far below its one year low
-The focus is very much on uranium—there’s going to be a winner for the twenty cent range
-When uranium spikes, there’s no saying how high it could go
-This sector will have its day in the sun one more time

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