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Nov 9, 2022

How do you reach your goals in difficult times? J.D. Frost has asked himself this question, and is coming out with a new book called The Life Ledger to help you make progress and work towards what you want. J.D. believes that writing down your goals and reviewing them each day is essential to reaching your desired life, wealth, and accomplishments. In his book, he introduces the daily ledger practice, which is a way for you to write down your targets and affirmations and track progress towards your goal. If you want to be in the 1%, be sure to tune in to this episode and pre-order J.D.’s book, which is linked below.

-J.D. Frost has a new book coming out called The Life Ledger, and talks about how he has prevailed in difficult times
-The way you spend your time each day dictates how you spend your money. Additionally, your intentionality with your time is a lead indicator of your wealth
-Every 30 minutes, take account of what you are doing
-Ask yourself: is what you are doing an asset or liability
-Time management alone won’t lead you to success. Writing down your goals every day and reviewing them will help you get to where you want to be
-To stay in the coveted “1%,” you have to always keep in mind that the tasks you do every single day contribute to your situation. Daily effort is required to reach your goal
-The daily ledger: write down your targets, which are short term daily confirmations that you can achieve your goal
-We spend a lot of time thinking that we’re busy rather than being productive or focused
-Define what wealth is for you, and determine what you really want
-Intentionality and focus are crucial to create the wealth that you desire
-Find somebody that has done it before you, and use them as a benchmark of where your focus should be. Seek mentors in people that want the same things as you and are working towards similar goals
-Affirmations are also part of the daily ledger
-If it’s not working yet, keep doing it

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