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Nov 8, 2021

I have the opportunity to chat with John Williams, who has been studying inflation for years—looking into the numbers that the fed has been leaving out of the equation. The government has majorly changed the way that they measure inflation over time, and they have been making alterations to reduce the headline inflation rate. Tune in to get the more accurate depiction of inflation, and to hear about where this situation is headed in the near future.

-My last article was on 12 reasons why inflation is here to stay, but John Williams has been tracking inflation for years—using the methods from back in the 70s
-Most people on the planet have never lived through a major inflationary cycle—it has historically been minimized
-We’ve seen changes in the way that the government has measured inflation over time
-They changed how they measured housing costs, shifting to a homeowner’s equivalent rent, or what a homeowner would pay himself to rent his own house/how he would raise the rent
-They kept making changes to reduce the headline inflation rate
-6-7 percentage points have been taken out of inflation
-Inflation is directly tied to supply chain issues, followed by shortages
-We are in an unusual circumstance since the economy shut down and employment has declined
-Holding US currency means that you’re losing purchasing power—it’s better to hold gold and silver, which will retain your purchasing power
-Williams thinks there is a good chance we will see hyper-inflation
-The best economic statistic is payroll employment—it’s a very broad measure
-People start to increasingly expect inflation

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