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Oct 25, 2022

Could the Yen be the currency to collapse and set off a domino effect? I sit down and chat with John Rubino about all of the economic factors that are contributing to the state of flux we are in. At the most basic level, it is a problem of currency and inflation, but extends to relations with Russia, the prospect of war, and the major mindset shift that is taking place. We are in a time of immense change, and numerous issues are contributing to this change. Tune in for more insight.

-What’s going on with the Yen? It’s all the talk right now
-For the past 30 years, the Japanese has been borrowing large amounts of money and using it to finance infrastructure programs
-For a long time, this worked, and they could take debt at extremely low interest rates. Now, they are facing large inflation, and are struggling to support the currency
-Could the Yen be the currency to collapse and set off a domino effect? Time will tell
-China is the only major economy that is cutting rates, but their currency is falling as well
-Previous bubbles have been sector specific, but this one is centered around money
-Europe is stocking up on natural gas in preparation for the Russian cutoff
-There is zero inflation in the commodity space
-Used cars and home sales are also down
-The people in charge right now seem to want a war
-Elections are coming up as well, and we’re seeing people settling for candidates they may not normally prefer
-States have changed their political alignments, with generational shifts. We may be on the verge of one now
-These things change for a number of reasons. It looks as if we are now focused on things like crime and the declining country
-The Republicans have shifted their rhetoric to appeal to working people rather than corporate CEOs
-Groups such as Latinos have shifted their alignment
-There is a shift in the voter profile that is taking place. This is a necessary shift; we should be focused on class issues and increasing the wealth of the working people

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