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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 13, 2022

Global turmoil is deepening, and the Russia/Ukraine war is escalating. How are these problems going to affect commodities/markets? John Rubino comes on the show to unpack this. Energy and food are going up while housing and used cars continue to go down. Additionally, we have a crucial election coming up that could yield a very divided government. There is a lot to discuss, so be sure to tune in to this episode!

-Global turmoil is deepening; the Russia/Ukraine war is escalating
-The best time to be a defense contractor is during war
-PayPal is penalizing subscribers $2500 if they say something that contradicts the official line of the government
-We are seeing energy and food going up, while housing and used cars go down
-In the short run, food and energy will give us inflation above the 2% target
-Midterm elections are going to possibly be very serious—especially in consideration of crime and inflation
-We will potentially have a divided government for the next couple years; both sides will have different opinions about how to fix things
-Keynesianism doesn’t recognize debt as part of its model, which has implications for government thinking

-Gold and silver protect you in the long run with a crazy world

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