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Sep 30, 2022

An election took place in Italy that could change things, and the Euro has been sinking like a stone…What’s in store for Europe? I sit down and chat with John Rubino to discuss the European economy. Their energy system has taken a turn for the worse, and their currency problems cannot be fixed with with monetary policy. They will inevitably have to tighten, as inflation and broken supply chains cannot be fixed with easy money. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come for Europe.

-The dollar is strong—which is the flip-side of this situation
-Europe has screwed up their energy system and is trying to run a modern economy on ancient energy resources
-There was a major drop in Pound Sterling
-There’s not obvious end to this. They have to borrow money to cut taxes, as well—which means creating more currency
-The Euro is below the dollar now
-Europe’s mistakes cannot be fixed with monetary policy, but they’re going to have to tighten
-Inflation and broken supply chains cannot be fixed with easy money, so the central banks are stuck
-With alternative energy (especially electric cars) there are many considerations that come with transitioning to these sources
-Houses were very inexpensive 2 years ago, and now they’re unaffordable. If nobody can afford houses, nobody can buy houses. We will probably see a big crash in home sales
-Tightening is going to have to go on longer, but most places you look, inflation has dissolved
-Many effects of inflation are going to be with us for years
-Tens of trillions of dollars are evaporating from the portfolios of the billionaire class
-In the end, the system works for the people with the money
-The federal reserve wasn’t just set up by the banks; it is owned by the banks

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