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May 18, 2022

Are markets returning back to normal, or are we in the eye of the storm? I sit down and chat with John Rubino about some of the latest happenings in the economy—some pointing to stability, and some alluding to the chaos to ensue. We discuss stablecoins, gas prices, and the most recent shifts in global currencies that present numerous potential outcomes for the markets. Tune in for more expert knowledge.

-NFTs don’t make a lot of sense from an investing standpoint
-Stablecoins are versions of Bitcoin; they are an asset that trade on the blockchain, but they represent something else; they were a vehicle for moving money all over the world
-One stablecoin blew up that was set up to maintain the value of the stablecoin at one dollar. A lot of Bitcoin was purchased to back it, but then it tanked
-The ‘everything bubble’ may be bursting; peripheral assets are behaving badly
-Think about what you own and how you can invest it; consider your gold and silver as money
-Gas prices hit record highs this week all over the country
-Taking out a mortgage to bet against the dollar is risky
-There is a big diesel shortage in the US; we don’t have enough diesel processing power, and can’t build new plants
-There is a lot more demand for Roubles in the global market, which is strengthening its exchange rate
-We will see energy prices spiking and interest rates being raised in Europe

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