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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 6, 2022

John Rubino and I sit down and chat to talk US government and economy—both of which are in precarious situations at the moment. We discuss the inevitable power change to come in terms of political party/leaders, and how this may play out. Additionally, other countries have been anticipating the demise of US currency and are in turn strengthening their own. Tune in for more insights.

-Our president called for regime change—this led to the White House trying to roll it back
-There is an interesting phenomenon; a government that doesn’t get anything done doesn’t cause any damage in turn
-People would rather have a party change without an election
-There is going to be a change in power in this country without an election—the question just relates to how they will do it
-Many people have lost faith in the mainstream to tell them the truth
-Russia wants roubles in return for natural gas—which makes them more valuable
-They’re making the rouble a replacement for the petrodollar
-Russia and China have been buying tons of gold over the last couple decades in preparation for the situation we’re in
-They are strengthening their own currencies by trading in their own currencies
-The Fed intends to raise interest rates and mortgage rates, which could knock us into a recession
-Unemployment predicts higher wage growth

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