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Jan 11, 2022

I sit down with John Rubino to discuss the taper-tantrum at hand and what’s happening with the tech stocks. Tech stocks are tanking at the moment, and we see historic trends repeating themselves. This puts the economy in a unique position, because we need to view cryptos as tech stocks; ultimately, these stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten. Tune in for more.

-We’re looking at the taper-tantrum, cryptocurrency, etc.
-The Fed doesn’t have to raise interest rates now—they now just merely talk about it
-Tech stocks are tanking
-Early investors in the ETF stock are down, and a lot of things are being reversed out in a hurry
-Trends are repeating; just as things start to look positive, these stocks begin to go in the opposite direction
-If the higher rates never come, will anyone remember what’s happening now?
-A 25% drop in the NASDAQ could kill other industries
-The Fed should be fighting the 6% inflation, but thus far they have just talked about doing it
-When you shut down the global economy for six months and pour money into people’s pockets to be spent, this is a recipe for inflation
-Cryptos are also not holding up too well; it’s best to thing of them as tech stocks. Bitcoin, for example, is traded like a tech stock
-Tech stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten
-It’s not a great time to be an aggressive tech stock investor
-We have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is Fed capitulation

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