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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 21, 2021

Today, I have John Rubino on the podcast to update us on all things economy: from real estate to the supply chain, we are seeing a lot of shifts and instabilities that have incurred over time. Evergrande seems to be bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector—tampering with the industry as a whole. We also probe into the buying and selling of crypto, and determine that people are less optimistic about it which means we will most likely see an increased interest in gold.

-Evergrande is a large Chinese real estate developer. It has been borrowing large amounts of money for the last decade, and it has taken up large amounts of leverage
-Even higher prices, however, are not saving them—they’re giving cheap real estate to their creditors
-This is bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector
-The fed is making noises about tapering—we start to see taper tantrums in this circumstance
-Gold is holding its own—it’s actually up a bit
-The supply chain is still in shambles
-We live beyond our means
-Cryptos are getting whacked—they are treated like tech stocks and are risk-on assets that you buy when you’re feeling optimistic
-Bitcoin is being sold off
-This is when gold takes off; the fed starts talking about tapering, which means that easy money will come to an end
-Lumber and iron ore have tanked lately, which means that the picture is getting mixed
-The global economy is slowing down

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