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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 4, 2021

Warren Buffet is seeing lots of inflation out there, the lumber problem. He has a ot of homebuilder assets. To him it’s a real thing. People will listen? Will they sell bonds and jump into real assets?

Supply chain ailments. If you’re building a house lumber has tripled and you can’t just go and buy a new stove or washer. They’re 6 months backordered. 

Charlie Munger hates cryptos. The currency of “Kidnappers and Terrorists.” And he’s very respected among the mainstream and deep state. 

Gold’s upcoming breakout. If real inflation really is taking off in a way that the government can’t deny and they crackdown on cryptos, then gold and silver are going to be beneficiaries. And the chart patterns are extremely bullish. No one cares about gold and silver anymore, or so they say. Silver is more likely to go parabolic than gold, but they both could. 

Big gold miners reporting earnings, production is up slightly, free cash-flow is extremely good. Which means increased M&A with majors buying up juniors. Agnico Eagle revenues were up 39.1% year over year.