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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jan 15, 2021

John has successfully purchased a short position in Tesla. For the past several months, options were just too costly to short, but now… Premiums are down and the shorts have been flushed. Now you can do it more cheaply. Will Robinhood do John in? Watch where the next stimulus winds up. Competition is just around the corner. Commodity super cycle is going to squeeze margins. 

Twitter  and FB have lost $54 billion in market cap in the last week. 

Amazon is a perfect example of where a stock with lower profits can go. The flood of cash has to go somewhere.

Interest rates have started going up. Big deal for the stock market. We’re getting to the point where rates could be a negative issue for the stock market. Could this lead to a decline? 

Massive Bailouts for everyone just around the corner. 

Bitcoin regulation on the way? Ask Christine Lagarde, despicable Bitcoin. 

Former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas Cannot Access His Bitcoin Wallet Containing 7,002 BTC Worth $231 Million