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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 19, 2020

Finally, silver has begun to outperform Gold, just as we always expected it would. The gold/silver ratio kept going up until it started going down. People become turned off by the high price of gold and have found that silver is still cheap. The ratio peaked at 125, way above 80-90 where it usually peaks. All as a result of the panic. Now we’re almost back down to 100. Silver needs to do 2.5 times better than gold to just get back to normal relative valuations. 

Stocks were way up on Monday, on rumors of an early stage Bill Gates backed vaccine. What will they fall for next? Happy days are here again!

Finally, the state of the economy is simply stated, Horrible! 35 percent decline in second quarter GDP. And more debt on top of more debt. What's a debtor nation to do. Perhaps buy pre-commie Chinese debt and present it for payment? Interesting times indeed.