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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 16, 2021

The Fed seems to be doubling up on their tapering—but what is going on behind the scenes? I sit down and chat with John Rubino, who breaks down what is happening with inflation and how different economical components and markets are being affected. We’re seeing massively negative interest rates, and we’re merely dumping less dollars into the new market; buying government bonds with newly created currency. Additionally, we see gold as a barometer within the economy, and automobile companies/other commodities seem to be doing well in these conditions. Tune in for more.

The Fed is doubling up on their tapering
-They planned to buy fewer government bonds going forward (even though they still are)
-We are seeing massively negative interest rates
-They’re just dumping less dollars into the market going forward
-They’re buying government bonds with newly created currency
-Gold is the perfect barometer
-Used cars are going for more than they would new
-Car companies (and commodities in a similar boat) benefit from inflation
-Automobile inventories are getting more valuable
-This has been a great environment for the gold miners, but costs are inevitably rising
-Buying out houses and renting them out to the masses has been part of the inflationary play
-In any crisis, there are winners and losers; if you get ahead of the trends, you can be a winner
-Shorting something has unlimited risk—you have to get the timing right

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