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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 16, 2022

You made it through the pandemic with good health, but perhaps you’re looking to improve your economic health. As we enter back into normalcy, what’s next? I have John Paul Mendocha on the show to talk about how you can change your mindset to prepare you for success. Ultimately, you must escape the criers club; accept your session, and create a plan to move forward so that you can thrive in future circumstances. Tune in to hear more about what you can do to invest in learning and prepare for what’s to come.

-You have to clear out all of the nonsense in order to put yourself out there and become more successful
-The ‘criers club’ is everyone who is ruminating on what has happened rather than moving forward; the longer you wallow, the less you are able to get things done
-It’s beneficial to learn your lesson, and ultimately let your emotions go
-Understand who you are and what you’re looking for—being self aware
-Pursue something that you think you are going to enjoy; doing something without passion is far more difficult
-You can’t always start at the top; it’s critical to have a growth mindset
-Every generation has a whole group of people that do not become successful—these people are typically not investing in learning for themselves
-Interesting areas to look into are AI and methods for providing better customer service; high tech has a lot of room to grow

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