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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 8, 2021

Wall Street exists to make money for itself, so how do you make money for you? Today we invite Joey Mure and Russ Morgan on the podcast to talk about financial freedom—which is at its peak when your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. They discuss how every individual has unique traits when it comes to investing, and some of the resources that their company offers help you discover how to utilize these.

-Sometimes the people who you think are your friends aren’t—this is especially applicable to Wall Street. Wall Street exists to make money for itself—it’s about survival of the species
-How do we get rid of Wall Street?
-Relates to the food business—they've evolved into an industry that gives markets things with no value
-Financial freedom occurs when passive income exceeds your monthly expenses
-Mindset is everything: if you’re investing time into learning how to become more financially successful, then you will continue to grow
-People haven’t given themselves a license to dream—Wall Street only thinks about the here and now
-You need to think about what unique traits you can give to the world
-Wade Pfau is a go-to person in the industry when it comes to retirement income
-What investments bring this ‘infinite wealth’ about? Having your own business can be a method for maintaining active and passive income
-Some business owners, however, don’t know how to replace themselves eventually and allow it to become passive income for them
-You need to have a plan that is unique to you: what sort of an investor are you? People can make the same investment but have different results
-Apply your abilities and talents to your investing
-Build a community
-If you focus on one thing and do it repeatedly, it will become a reality

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